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Freestyle Jazz

New classes starting soon:

Tots dance: 18months to 4 years - Wednesdays

Junior class: 5-8 years - Wednesdays

Intermediate class: 9-11 years - Wednesdays

Senior class: 12-16 years - Mondays



Freestyle dance is an artistic rhythmic dance form which allows the individual to interpret the movements giving each pupil an opportunity for self-expression within the choreography and music choice.

While freestyle jazz dance is a less formalised dance style than ballet it is challenging and exciting, develops muscle tone, strength and stamina and offers a sound dance foundation and a real understanding of musical interpretation. In this class we cover a wide range of music genres which ensures the pupils have a real chance to try different techniques and styles. This also gives individuals the chance to develop a wide experience of dance repertoire, which is important for a rounded performer, building the confidence to tackle new techniques and themes.

Junior class - ideal for those with little or no dance experience and younger dancers. This class aims to develop the muscles and stretch the body as well as teaching the basic techniques necessary to work at a more advanced level. The same structure is followed as with the advanced group with a limbering, stretching and warm-up section, technique work and routines.

Intermediate class - requires a more focussed approach and an ability to understand and use the techniques taught. Whilst the class is more demanding than the Junior Class, teaching is delivered in a relaxed, friendly way. We offer opportunities for our dancers to contribute to developing new routines and work together as a team.

Senior class - will work on developing muscle tone, flexibility and strength; stretching both mind and body to work with more complex and challenging routines. Creativity will be encouraged and choreography skills can be developed in both small group/solo work as well as whole class dances. This group is ideal for young people with a real interest in dance and who wish to develop new styles and techniques.

We are also starting a new Tots dance class for ages 18 months to 4 years, helping to develop your child's co-ordination, technique and balance in a fun, friendly class using lots of props and musical instruments.

If you are interested in any of our our classes and would like to book a place, you can get in touch via our "Contact Us" page.



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